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Elected Official's Letter Regarding The Partial Collapse At The Edison Plant

The letter below was provided to the CPNA by Council President Flynn which was sent to the city regarding the partial collapse at the Edison Plant.

SB Electeds Letter re Edison Plant Air Quality
Download PDF • 184KB

May 9, 2022

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond

Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space

1 City Hall Square, Room 709

Boston, MA, 02201

Dr. Bisola Ojikutu

Executive Director, Boston Public Health Commission

1010 Massachusetts Ave, 2nd Floor

Boston, MA 02118

Dear Chief White-Hammond and Dr. Ojikutu:

We are writing in regards to the recent partial collapse at the Edison Power Plant in South

Boston and the need for ongoing air quality testing due to the presence of asbestos in the

building. At the time of the incident, we understand that environmental health inspectors

responded to the scene, and their initial assessment indicated that there appeared to be no

significant environmental hazard to the surrounding areas. We were informed that this

was due to the asbestos being within the building itself, and that there is containment and

ventilation in place.

However, residents of South Boston have historically associated this site with high rates

of cancer, lupus, scleroderma and other autoimmune diseases. While the Edison Power

Plant has been decommissioned for years now, asbestos containing materials were used in

their pipes, turbines, and boilers, and as a result, many of our South Boston residents

suffer from significant health issues due to the pollution stemming from this site. It is

therefore extremely concerning to us, and our neighbors, that this site had a partial

collapse, especially when it is in close proximity to our residential and commercial areas.

We need to be absolutely certain as to whether or not this structural collapse will impact

public health and air quality in South Boston.

As a result, we would like to respectfully request ongoing air quality testing done around

the Edison Plant site, and that the testing results be provided publicly to the South Boston

community. Utilizing the Licensed Site Professional that is representing the

neighborhood per the BPDA Board memo, it’s imperative we have an assessment of the

short term and long term public health impact of the construction there, and take every

measure to ensure that asbestos or other harmful materials are fully contained and do not

reach our community.

It’s critical that the City takes immediate action to prioritize public health and public

safety at this site, and to regularly engage the community on its findings. We look

forward to continuing to work together on this issue. If you have any questions or

concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at and 617-635-3203,

or and 617-635-4205.


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