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South Boston Transportation Action Plan

From the BPDA Website:

The BPDA, in close partnership with the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) and Boston Public Works Department (PWD), is evaluating transportation challenges in South Boston through the South Boston Transportation Action Plan. The South Boston Transportation Action Plan will evaluate safety concerns in South Boston and focus the City’s resources on proven strategies and people-first improvements to eliminate serious and fatal traffic crashes in South Boston. The goal of the Transportation Action Plan is to build upon the vision and goals as set forth in Imagine Boston 2030 and Go Boston 2030.

The Transportation Action Plan will study key transportation connections to and within the South Boston area and recommend improvements that can be implemented immediately, within the next 15 years, and beyond. The recommendations will reflect an understanding of South Boston as it exists currently as well as the forecasted effects of new development.

Transportation Action Plan Study Area Map

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Like many neighborhoods in Boston, South Boston is experiencing rapid growth and change. Prioritizing transportation improvements will offset the major impacts of new development on traffic and mobility throughout the neighborhood. The Transportation Action Plan will ultimately adopt transportation ideas, and conceptualize future complete streets and transit network improvements. This Plan will guide the City’s priorities for streets in and around the area, and foster effective improvements that will allow the area to reach its full potential.

Transportation Action Plan Summary

The final Transportation Action Plan will provide a blueprint for improving how people move around South Boston by making it safer and more efficient for all.

The Transportation Action Plan will:

  • Implement strategies to eliminate serious and fatal traffic crashes

  • Simplify intersections for all users

  • Improve the transit network

  • Expand the bike network

  • Improve walkability

  • Enhance the main street and neighborhood experiences

Project Timeline

Public Engagement

Each major phase of this study involves various forms of public engagement, from public meetings and workshops to online/digital tools, neighborhood pop-ups at significant gathering spaces (such as intersections, “T” stops, or community spaces), street surveys, and/or other methods. Questions? Comments? Would you like to stay engaged? Fill out the form or email us at

Past Engagement

Monday, November 14, 2022 | 6:00 PM

The BPDA and Boston Transportation Department (BTD) hosted a virtual public meeting to kick off the South Boston Transportation Action Plan (SBTAP). The meeting included a presentation followed by Q&A and comments.


The recommendations will build upon nearby recent existing planning initiatives including, but not limited to:

PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue: The PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue Planning Initiative just completed its Transportation Plan which was a key recommendation born out of the 2016 neighborhood planning effort. The Transportation Plan includes the future street build-out as proposed in PLAN: South Boston Dorchester Avenue. The Transportation Plan includes additional and improved headhouses to Broadway and Andrew Stations, improvements to existing bus service and new bus route connections on other corridors such as D Street, improvements to Andrew Square, Dorchester Avenue intersection, and the Old Colony and Dorchester Street intersection. Longer-term, more visionary transit options are also included, specifically within the “Track 61” corridor.

South Boston Seaport Strategic Transit Plan: The Transportation Plan will also build upon the South Boston Seaport Transit Strategic Plan, specifically on the improvements to the Seaport’s bus and shuttle network and of other transit services such as rail, ferry, ride-share, and private-sector sponsored initiatives. The South Boston Transportation Action Plan’s aim is to advance and refine current transit efforts and also propose future transit recommendations.

South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan: The South Boston Transportation Action Plan will build on work done for the South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Project (“SBWSTP”) and subsequent transit analysis done for public and private projects. The Transportation Action Plan will integrate the suite of transportation improvements currently in implementation.

There are a number of other completed or ongoing initiatives that will impact the forthcoming recommendations of the South Boston Transportation Action Plan. Close interagency coordination will be required. These plans include but are not limited to:

  • Moakley Park

  • Kosciuszko Circle/Morrissey Boulevard Planning Study

  • MBTA’s Bus Network Redesign

  • Columbia Point Master Plan

  • Climate Ready Boston



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