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The Better Bus Project

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

The Bus Network Redesign project has released a Revised Bus Network map. The map can be found on the project website. In May 2022, the Bus Network Redesign project released a Draft Bus Network Map and sought public feedback. Over the spring and summer, we received over 20,000 comments on the Draft Bus Network Map. The project team has reviewed and incorporated that feedback into the Revised Bus Network. The Revised Bus Network still increases service by 25% across the system and doubles the number of high-frequency corridors (buses every 15-minutes or better, all day, 7-days a week). We encourage you to visit the project website and learn more about the Revised Bus Network.

Materials Available You can view the updated network on the project website, including:

  • Regional Map – This static map shows the proposed redesigned bus network at a regional level.

  • Interactive Remix map, which allows you to zoom in and out, pan around, and click on specific routes to get detailed information about schedules and runtime.

  • Table of changes, by route number, from the proposed map (released in May 2022) and the updated map.

Updates to the May 2022 Proposed Bus Network Changes were made to 85 of the 133 proposed routes in the May 2022 Draft Bus Network. These changes include new routing, restoration of existing routes, addition or subtraction of proposed routes, extensions of routes, and modifications to route schedules. Changes were made for five primary reasons:

  • To respond to public feedback received on the draft bus network proposal.

  • To improve access to hospitals, senior centers, and other destinations.

  • To reduce walk distances for seniors and other riders and in locations with challenging topography.

  • To preserve existing one-seat rides to many destinations.

  • To balance resources and stay within the limit of buses available during peak times, and within the overall service limit of 25% more service above the existing network.

Stay Connected If you would like to share comments about the revised network with the Implementation Team, please complete this Comment Form. You can find more details about Bus Network Redesign and other Better Bus Project initiatives on the project website. We will continue to provide updates to you on these efforts and inform you of opportunities to provide your feedback. Feel free to reach out to the Better Bus Project team at with any questions and visit to learn more about our ongoing efforts to improve the bus system. If you have been forwarded this message and would like to receive email updates about the Better Bus Project, please sign up here.



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